Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New book

A small fishing boat in need of a new coat of paint or two, casts a shadow deep into the translucent waters of Morro Jable harbour, Fuerteventura.

I've not been around for a bit. You may have noticed. Anyway, yesterday I finished putting a book together of Magda and my images, and I'm exhausted. It was one of those marathon's to get it all done within production deadlines.

The image above almost made it into the book but fell at the last hurdle. I chose another one of the boats instead. Still I like it and hope you do to.

I've learnt a lot going through the creative process of putting the book together which will soon be available to buy on Once we take delivery I'll be able to photograph it and then create a small flash animation to show what it looks like. Well that's my idea to market it anyway. There will be a limited number of signed copies available. I'll let you know when.

In the following weeks I am planning on writing a series of articles on using design principles in the creation of an image. This involves going beyond the traditional examination of composition. I hope that it will help photographers. Watch this space.

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