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How to fight procrastination

I guess we all have trouble with procrastination and, maybe I'm generalising, but I think artists are particularly   susceptible. Creative minds tend to fight discipline and jump from one thing to another. So when I read the post below by Oliver it struck a cord. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The other challenge we often face is overcoming creative block and one of my earlier blog posts is often quoted, so if you've not read it before do take a look. Read Quote of Oliver Emberton's answer to Life Advice: How do I get over my bad habit of procrastinating? on Quora Thank you Oliver. So now we can tackle creative block and procrastination...let's crack on. Till soon, Paul

Live Street Music from Cape Town

I combined raw street footage of musicians performing in Cape Town with stills shot at the same time and one or two other images to set the scene in this short video (view on YouTube full screen in HD). The video shows what the camera outputs natively and you'll see from the stills how I enhance the images using a touch of flash while shooting and Lightroom to process the final images. Hopefully the video captures the relaxed fun spirit of Cape Town. Plenty more images from the Cape being added daily to my South Africa portfolio . Thanks for looking. Till soon, Paul