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Three steps to great images

Vincent shows the model he is working on of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Flying Man". Vincent is an artist, musician, sculpture, maker and repairer of musical instruments, a "renaissance man" himself. Firstly, I think I should apologise for the long absence of new blog articles. To say I have been busy of late would be, to put it mildly, an understatement. All good things. But I really felt it was time to get into gear and ship my blog again. So how can I make it up to you? Well as usual I hope to provide some food for thought. If you want to make great images you need to ensure that three steps have been taken. Miss any of them out and your image may be good, it may be interesting for awhile but it will not be remarkable. The magic only really happens when you: Have an authentic reason to take the picture.  Want to use the image to express something, to communicate with your audience. And you actually make the picture happen, using your knowledge and expert