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Beyond the Surface: The True Essence of Portrait Photography

  Chris As you flip through a glossy magazine or scroll through your social media feed, you come across a stunning image of a model wearing the latest perfume. She exudes perfection with her flawless skin, radiant smile, and captivating gaze. The image seems to whisper, "If you wear this perfume, you can be just as beautiful and glamorous as this model." But have you ever stopped to think about the story behind that image and what it truly represents? As a professional photographer commissioned for an advertising shoot, the model becomes the symbol of the ideal woman, representing all those who look at the advert. She is objectified, reduced to a visual prop that embodies perfection, and the message is clear – use this product – you too can achieve that level of perfection. But in reality, the model is not a real person, but rather a carefully curated image created to sell a product. Unfortunately, this objectification of models in advertising has also seeped into the world o

How understanding behaviour improves your photography

Encounter on the street in the snow As a photographer, understanding human behaviour is critical to capturing compelling images. Emotions, gestures, expressions, and body language all reveal insights into human behaviour, and our practice as photographers is to capture these nuances. To anticipate moments, one must be acutely aware of body language and expressions. We can create a comfortable environment by getting to know our subjects. You can also offer guidance if this does not interfere with your objective. The goal is to capture authentic and natural images that resonate with viewers. Creating relatable images is essential to the craft of photography. To do so, we must consider the emotions and experiences of our audience and tailor our images accordingly. This personal touch can help create powerful images that connect with viewers on a deeper level. Understanding human behaviour is essential to the art of photography. Observing and studying behaviours can help you create images