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Tips for photographing interiors

An acquaintance asked me today how I approach photographing interiors. I emailed him with a view tips and thought that you may also be interested. So here goes. Obviously it's vital the room looks presentable and there's nothing distracting lying in view. A bouquet of flowers, a colourful cushion etc, can lift the room and provide a good focal point. Think of leading the audience's eye through the image from one point of interest to another. Unless you're using it deliberately to create an effect make sure walls are perpendicular and the horizon straight. A door frame or wall at an angle can be quite disoreintating. Putting all the electric lights on enhances the atmosphere and creates a warm image. Table lights etc, usually look better even in daylight when they're lit. Candles should also be lit if they are present. Lighting I use a variety of techniques. Here are some: Studio or off camera flash for fill light balanced with daylight. I generally always try to pho

Any interest

I've been on holiday. Still am. Decided to check in and see if there are any response to the blog, to gauge interest. I've had a number of emails. Thanks to those people who've given feedback. But there's not really been enough interest to warrant me carrying on. So here's the deal. If you'd like to read more then please email me. In a week's time I'll let you know if I'm going to continue. Hope to hear from you. Paul Indigo

Wow. There's so much going on!

Since starting this blog a week ago I've learnt so much it's mind boggling or should that be bloggling. There are loads of interesting websites out there. The site has over 9,300 member sites from 84 countries, featuring some amazing photography. If you're into outdoor photography then take a look at the digital outback photography website. It's jam packed with useful information for professionals and amateurs. I'm off to learn some more but will be back with lots more later in the week. Have fun. As always your feedback is important to me. Paul Indigo

Interesting websites

I've asked fellow ephotoziners to send me some of their favourite websites and have ended up with quite a few that I'm going to review. The sites that I review will tend to feature other photographers creative efforts rather than being about equipment. However, if you're interested in all things to do with Canon then you may find Christian Rollinger's website of interest. (Thanks Barry ) Prompted by a forum thread I've had a thought about the way photographers are often forced by the apparent inability of different audiences (public, curators, art directors) to accept that a creative image maker can be expert in more than one type of photograhy. I hate the idea of being forced into a particular box as a portrait, landscape, reportage or some other classification photographer. The key questions are how can you express yourself best, how do you see the world, what do you want to show others? I've also found that when you do have a favourite area and you go away an

Welcome ephotoziners

Just like to welcome any fellow ephotoziners who're visiting for the first time. For those who don't know, ephotozine is a website where photographers can upload and share their images. People rate pictures and leave comments. There are a wealth of other features too. If anyone has any comments about my blog please email me . Thanks. I've also asked fellow ephotziners to send me urls for any photography sites they find worthwhile. I'm always interested in new sites and plan to review the best so that this blog becomes a really useful resource like one of my favourites, concientious . Joerg Colberg offers an amazing resource on his blog. Off to bed now. See you soon.

Going beyond the obvious

Well that's pretty much the motto of my photography. Before discussing and introducing you to some of the great photography that 's out there, I thought you may want to see my stuff. So why not pop along to my website and check out some of my work? Every month I will have a brand new online exhibition. Here is the link to the online exibition for March to April. My wife, Magda also has an online exhibition every month. She's showcasing an amazing series of sky images, well worth a visit. I've also just introduced a guest book. It would be wonderful if you visited and dropped us a note. I'm introducing other new features on our website too such as the ability to create and send greeting cards online using our photographs - all for free. I hope to get the free ecards system set up by next week. Comments always welcome.

Welcome to my blog

I've decided to join the ranks of the bloggers. My main interest is photography. I hope that you will join me on my journey as I share new discoveries, start some interesting discussions and bring you a wealth of ideas and information. In this blog I will discuss photographic techniques, both traditional and digital. And I plan to provide links to sites that I think will be of interest. Drawing from years of experience, both in life and photography, I will try to provide something for anyone who is inquisitive about what makes an interesting image - both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view. Please visit regularly. This blog will be updated a few times a week. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.