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 Photography is more than just capturing moments; it's about telling stories, evoking emotions, and portraying the world through the lens's perspective. At the heart of our creative endeavour lies an essential trait: curiosity. This picture shows a man peering through a window cut in the wall of a hoarding around a construction site. He was fascinated by the activity, and I was fascinated by his curious gaze. Curiosity fuels the photographer's journey, propelling us to explore the world with fresh eyes and an insatiable appetite for discovery. Creativity:  Curiosity is the cornerstone of creativity. It compels photographers to push boundaries, experiment with new techniques, and step out of their comfort zones. Photographers can unlock their creative potential and produce remarkable work by embracing curiosity. Storytelling:  Every photograph has a story to tell, and curiosity is the key to uncovering these narratives. Whether delving into a location's history, connecti

Why do you take photographs?

Have you ever asked yourself why you photograph? It's a question that can be answered with a simple one-sentence answer until you start delving deeper. The answer then becomes increasingly complex and challenging to unravel. I've again undertaken this journey recently, and my answer is below. Portrait of Paul Indigo by Magda Indigo. Thanks Magda! I also reviewed my images over the last ten-plus years, selected 30 of my favourite photos, and compiled them into a slide show. This was a challenging task. My favourites change by the day, probably by the minute. Still, eventually, I got to a selection I titled "That's Life." Please click through to YouTube to view the full screen. My approach to people and landscape photography is characterised by a distinctive blend of documentary and fine art techniques. I aim to create images that are both deeply personal and universally relatable. Through portraiture, I strive to showcase the broad spectrum of human experience. I a