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Celebrating real photography

Therese in front of her souvenier shop in Bruges. She has been there for almost 50 years. Nothing much changed in her shop in all that time. This year she is retiring. I've been thinking about writing this blog for quite some time now. It's not easy. I could take a critical line like I did in my blog post about the photographs I hate looking at (and why) but instead I decided on a more positive approach, so this post is in praise of all those photographers who respect and celebrate the relationship photography has with reality, truth and photographic 'seeing'. Arguably the real value and power of photography is in showing the world as we actually see it. Photojournalism has a strict code of ethics forbidding altering an image substantially. This has to be adhered to because if it were not then a photojournalist's images would be worthless. Likewise individuals taking family snapshots, or local photographers recording daily life as we see it make images that b

My social media strategy

I find myself spread very thinly across all the different social media sites. There are simply not enough hours in the day to keep up. So for now I've decided on the following strategy: Google + is my new social media hub (home) where I publish photo stories, images and news. My photographic portfolio, about me and the centre of my online universe is My blog, which you're reading now is where I write my more indepth views on life and photography. Twitter is good place to catch up with what I am posting and sharing at that moment My Facebook page is the place where I'll post links that interest me and I want to share. I am aware this strategy is tricky because the golden rule of social media is to go where your audience is, so I may have to review this. What is your social media strategy? See you, Paul *******************************************************Web-site Twitter: paul_indigo Facebook: Paul Indigo Facebo

Saturation slider test

The saturation slider test (click to open large version) I've devised a fun self help test for photographers. Where do you put your saturation slider. By the way defines kitsch as "something of tawdry design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste." This post is intended to be a playful jibe, humorous and I know that I've definitely pushed my saturation slider too far to the right (and left) in the past LOL. Till soon, Paul Web-site ******************************************************* Twitter:  paul_indigo Facebook:  Paul Indigo Facebook Page: Google+:  Paul Indigo Flickr:  paulindigo