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Inspirational National Geographic photographers on photography

What does it take to make the gold standard images we see in National Geographic magazine and what type of photographer does it take to get the job done? Since I was a kid, curled up on the sofa, with a copy of National Geographic, I've admired the beautiful, informative images on the pages of my favourite magazine. The photographers follow strict ethical guidelines forbidding any overt manipulation. This means that you can trust what you see in the magazine. The images accurately represent what the photographer saw. The photographer is our witness on the spot transporting us to exotic locations, adding a visual story to the well researched articles by National Geographic's writers. The video below offers a fascinating and inspirational insight. The video features the following photographers: Lynsey Addario William Albert Allard James Balog Marcus Bleasdale Jodi Cobb David Doubilet David Guttenfelder David Alan Harvey Aaron Huey Lynn Johnson Ed Kashi Tim