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Rememberance day 11 November

This summer we came across a remembrance ceremony in Flanders where some of the bloodiest fighting during the World War One took place. I photographed Magda as she listened to the speeches, the Last Post and a moving rendition of the Belgium anthem. We remembered our friend killed in Afghanistan as well as all those men and woman lost in wars around the world. Magda has written a blog illustrated with her images taken during the ceremony. Till soon, Paul

Boost creativity by focusing on a single idea

Here's some high level advice which will strengthen your photography and boost your creativity. There are so many things to keep in mind when you take photographs. To help you I've tried to distill the essential elements. If you keep four things in mind all the rest should fall into place. And these four elements come from just two things: creativity and execution. Before discussing creativity, let's take a look at execution; visualizing your image and then making it happen. The three things you need to keep in mind are: light, composition and colour (LCC). I include grey values under colour here although black and white are not scientifically speaking colours. In most circumstances photographers are reacting to what they see in front of them. You can't run through a mental checklist of hundreds of items before taking an image. So just keep LCC in mind. Simple right? How you execute the image - shutter speed, aperture, point of view, use of flash etc will all be determi