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Challenges of using film

Magazine cover shoot on film You could argue that professional photographers have it really easy these days. Let me explain why. I shot this absolutely ages ago on film for a magazine cover. Great fun. In those days we checked exposures with Polaroids, except for this shoot I didn't have them.   The shoot was a real challenge. I had to balance ambient light in the casino with flash and the lights built into the table. The client invested budget, we hired the model and the first time we saw the results was when we got the transparency film back from the lab. Sigh of relief. In retrospect I wish I’d added some back-light on her hair but the idea was to make it all a bit mysterious rather than kitsch and over-lit. So it worked out fine and most importantly the client was happy. Digital has added an enormous safety net for photographers where you can check everything during the shoot, and on a big screen, if you shoot tethered. What a luxury! See you soon, Paul www.ind