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Exclusive interview

Well known brands including Samsung, Microsoft, Google, MTV, Harper Collins and American Express use photographer Magda Indigo's images, and her work regularly features in magazines and online publications. She is also well known and popular on a number of photography websites. In a little over a year she racked up 1.49 million views on 500px ! Until now she has never given a video interview. Sit back and enjoy this exclusive interview with Magda in which talks about her photography, lighting, cameras, technique, inspiration and some of her favourite images. I recommend clicking through to YouTube and watching full screen in HD. Hope you enjoy! Paul To see more of Magda's work visit

Ethics in street photography

Stopped to chat to a lovely elderly lady enjoying the sun and watching people pass by her bench. She kept asking me whether my picture would appear in the local paper, the Zeewacht, although I had explained that I did not work for the paper. As I said goodbye and left, I heard her say to her bench friends in Flemish that maybe the picture would still appear in the Zeewacht. Next time I am Oostende I will look out for her and give her a copy of the picture. One thing my wife and fellow professional photographer, Magda, and I do is often go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we keep our word, and when people have asked for a photograph, make sure they get it. It's the least one can do. We've met a number of people on our photo-travels who say they have been promised a picture by a photographer and never received it. That's sad and makes it just a bit harder for the next photographer to build a relationship. Basically, if you don't intend to do something th