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Can image buyers pay less while artists earn more?

The answer is yes! Marketing departments, agencies, editors, art buyers, art directors and designers can all benefit from working directly with the artist. The traditional route for an image buyer to find an image has been to go to a stock library or commission a photographer. My top tip is to source and buy images direct from the artist. You will be able to negotiate a better deal than with a stock library and the artist will also be better off because they will not be giving up 50, 60 or even 80% of the selling price as commission to the stock library. The artist can afford to sell their work more cheaply than a stock library and still end up with more money in their pocket. By dealing directly with the artist image buyers can licence an image under favourable terms, ensure competitors will not have the same image and perhaps even negotiate exclusivity. You will have direct access to authentic and original work. There really are no barriers anymore for art buyers wanting t

Proof: Lynn Johnson on the Heroic Nature of Humanity

Photojournalist and National Geographic photographer Lynn Johnson shares her views on her work and what motivates her. She is the recipient of awards including four World Press Photography Awards, seven Golden Quills for Photojournalism, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and Picture of the Year Award from the National Press Photographer Association. For me her work really stands out because of the way she connects the viewer, in a direct and visceral way with the people that she photographs. Her images are elegant and beautiful but more importantly they give a voice to the people she photographs, helping them to tell their story. Till soon, Paul

Proof: Ed Kashi on the Greatest Work You'll Do

Being a photojournalist is challenging and difficult at times. Emotionally it can also be a roller coaster. One day you're in harms way and the next you're sitting back at home in your normal environment. How do you reconcile the two worlds and what drives photojournalists to produce their best work. Ed Kashi puts it better than I could in the video below. Hope you enjoyed that as much as did. Ed hits the nail on the head. Back again soon. Till then... Paul