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Photographic myths #1

Beach talk: shot on Nikon FM2 with 80-200mm Nikkor zoom on Fujifilm in 1996. There are a number of myths that the majority of photographers seem to believe without question. Occasionally someone will come along like the little boy in the story of the Emperor's New Clothes , and point out the truth, but that does not appear to affect photographer's behaviour and desire to acquire all that is shiny and new. Meet Jack. He is a keen photographer and a marketer's dream. When a new camera comes out, especially one with a faster burst rate, more options, focus points and more mega pixels, he wants it. He's been photographing using a digital DSLR with a crop factor, but now he realises that he really needs to go full frame. Several lenses he has are not going to work on a full frame but the manufacturers have brought out new lenses with special coatings, so his problem is solved. Jack is camera manufacturer's marketing dream. The reality is that the latest camera