Monday, January 08, 2007

A question of lenses

We start of in photography wanting to own and buy everything and then as things progress we realise that we need less and less. The image and the vision takes over.

I've just read a lovely book: The World's Top Photographers: Photojournalism: And the Stories Behind Their Greatest Images (World's Top Photographers) (Hardcover)
by Andy Steel

Their are some astonishing ommissions from these pages including many of the photojournalists I rate highest in the world, but perhaps they weren't willing to collaborate and I know it's impossible to include everyone. Anyway...

Something struck me reading through the pages. The diversity of cameras and equipment they use is amazing. However, it is clear that many stick to just a few lenses, often fixed focal length. Of course journalists working for daily newspapers who need to cover every eventuality from sport to hard news will have a wide range of lenses but even then it seems that they settle on a few favourites to get various jobs done.

My message as ever is focus on the vision and the image. What camera and lens suit your vision best?


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