Sunday, September 30, 2007

Doorway to great photography

This doorway on a cross channel ferry caught my eye because of it's graphic qualities. I think it's quite appropriate to show a doorway as I hope to open one for you to thousands of wonderful images and hundreds of talented photographers.

When you've been around as long as I have (well it's not all that long I suppose, being in my early 40s), anyway, you get to know things, like which are the best photographic agencies around the world.

I thought tonight, why not share these links with everyone? So without further ado here are my list of top photography agencies.


I've put more links on my website. These include links to publications and photography festivals and fairs.

I'm human, so I'm sure I've missed a few important links along the way. If you would like to send me any you think may be of interest which I can add to my growing list, please don't be shy. Either make a comment, send an email or fill in the form on our website.

Many thanks.

All the best,
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