Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tips for your portfolio

Magda has been through a rough time with her health over a period of several months. She is now starting to recover. On Sunday we went for a walk in the local park. Naturally we had our cameras with us.

A photographer's portfolio is the most vital marketing tool he or she has. If you would like to know more about building a successful portfolio then I recommend buying John Kaplan's excellent book, Photo Portfolio Success.

Here are some of the tips from leading figures in the industry that he shares in the book:

"Show your work and get feedback. Don't ever pass on a good opportunity." - Ruth Adams; photographer, educator.

"Develop a personal vision, not just a style. One is just aesthetics and the other is a coming from the soul and the heart." - Tom Kennedy; Director of Photography, Washington Post Newsweek Interactive (Former Director of Photography at National Geographic).

"Show the world through your eyes. It's as much about the real world out there as it is about your point of view." - Gerd Ludwig; Photographer.

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