Saturday, March 17, 2007

Journalists raise awareness

Today I was interviewed by a group of student journalists.

All respect to them. They asked tough questions on difficult social issues. It is often journalists who raise awareness and help set the social and political agenda. They are in a privileged and powerful position because they can turn the spotlight on important issues.

Journalists can play the role of social conscious. However all too often the media is a fickle beast, refusing to cover important stories. Unfortunately commercial pressure from advertisers who do not want to see their brand on display next to a grim picture and story dictate that magazines and papers stay away from the harsh realities that used to be covered in magazines like Life. Now the pages are more often filled with celebrities and gossip.

I hope these young journalists realise the importance of what they are doing and the role that they can play in helping to shape our social conscious.

What I've said here is not new but it is important. Journalists and especially photojournalists with their powerful images can shape the way we view societies, people, cultures, social issues and conflicts. It's an awesome responsibility.

More soon...

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