Sunday, December 10, 2006

Brief review of Jill Coleman and busy times for me

Busy times indeed. My work is now being represented and sold through IRISF64, which is a great site. Do visit. Besides my stuff which I've just started uploading there are a number of other very talented and interesting photographers representing a vaste range of different styles.

Among them is one of my favourite photographers, and a friend, Jill Coleman. Her black and white portraits are powerful and striking. They cannot fail to move the viewer. She captures her subjects in moments when although they are clearly aware of the photographer they have let their guard down to reveal themselves to Jill and to us, through her images. I highly recommend taking a look at her wonderful work.

I'm also doing more and more portrait photography and thoroughly enjoying it. Again and again I am struck by how important light is and the absolute control of it in the making of an outstanding image. If there was one thing I would advise other photographers to really think about then it is the quality of the light. If you want to see natural light being used effectively do take a moment to view Jill's images.

And as always I would appreciate hearing from you. Please visit my latest online exhibition on

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