Monday, November 06, 2006

When a picture is really good

Magda Indigo in search of the perfect image, walking along the seawall in Scarborough.

Today we were once again working in the studio. The weather was not too good. Anyway we were talking about images, as usual and about appreciating other photographers' work.

For me images can be seperated into different categories. Here's my very personal and emotive response scale:

Awful - I want to run out of the room screaming
Mildly interesting
Something that I admire
An image that I think is brilliant, emotive, technically wonderful and compelling
And then there are the images that I dearly wish that I had made because they represent everything that I aspire to with my photography

Like I said it's a very personal scale. I wonder if other photographers have a similar emotive response to the images they see.


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