Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Digital print creates new opportunities

Suspense, fun and excitement mount in equal measure during a game of Tension Tower between father and son.

New digital print technology has opened up tremendous opportunities for photographers to produce limited edition and even one-off books. Choosing the right supplier guarantees excellent quality.

I am now doing half and full day portrait sessions and turning them into books for clients. Bespoke layouts and artistic design enhance the book making it a unique creation.

More and more formats are becoming easily accesible to photographers ranging from the internet to CD ROM and DVD shows, through to traditional printed media - everything from a print on canvas to a t-shirt. There's a huge range of choice open to the photographer as to how he/she delivers pictures to the client.

Framing methods have also come a long way. If clients have modern interiors then transparent acrylic frames may be more appropriate than gilded wood. I've never fancied the pseudo classical portrait style frame but there is a market for it.

Creative presentation with more than one image in a frame can also work very well. The way images are framed and presented can have a significant influence on the client's buying decision.

As with all marketing you need to identify and know your audience and then present your work in a format that will appeal to them. Producing great images is not enough. Professional social photographers have to differentiate themselves in other ways as well to attract clients. Fortunately there's never been more choice than today.

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