Saturday, March 25, 2006

Travel photography is more than 'photography'

I really enjoy travelling, meeting people, listening to their stories and learning new things. In a way taking pictures is an interesting by-product, a way of recording and remembering things. Life is made up of an endless series of stories and experiences.

There's an interesting zen of photography idea that I'd like to pass along in this article. To some of you it will seem so obvious that you'll wonder why I bother to write it and to others I think it may be a bit of a revelation.

Here it is. Your photography will become more meaningful and powerful if you stop concentrating solely on taking the perfect picture. By that I don't mean you shouldn't strive for perfect composition, lighting and all the other technical aspects. Sure you've got to get all of that right but you should be doing that without having to think about it too hard.

A good photographer focuses on far more. It's about being open to the world, the experiences, listening keenly to the people you meet, feeling the emotions, enjoying the interaction and the moment and then taking all of the experience and channeling that into creating interesting images. I think when you part company with your subject you should both feel enriched from the shared experience.

The picture above was taken during a tea and story telling session with this Bedouin gentleman in his tent in the Negev desert. I took the shot as he stared off into the distance watching his camels. The picture features in my latest online exhibition of portraits.

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