Friday, March 24, 2006

Environmental portraiture, or is it?

Environmental portraiture, lifestyle photography, on location - and the list goes on. Categorising images informs viewers about how they should interpret an image but does it change the image itself, or only the viewers perception? And what exactly does environmental portraiture mean? What about lifestyle photography? It sounds to me like a marketing term to help professional photographers sell reportage style portrait shoots. What's the next great concept going to be?

Whatever you want to call it... this is a picture of a man with his pipe and dog, out for an early morning walk on the Ostend pier.

I like photographing people in the studio, outside doing daily life things - posed and unposed, aware and unaware of the camera. Each style has it's own unique strengths and reasons for connecting with the viewer: perhaps a subject for a future blog.

'Walkies' features in my latest online exhibition. Hope you like it.

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