Friday, March 17, 2006

Digital workflow #3

I have had a long think about how best to discuss this section. The principle of workflow obviously remains the same throughout as described in my previous two articles on the subject.

A sound recommendation which you don't often see is that you should learn and stick to a few different types of paper media. Like all equipment and media you should learn the way they behave under different circumstances so that you can predict the results you're going to get. And more importantly you will learn how to play with the process to extract that extra something from your materials.

Once you've got your ICC profiles sorted, your monitor calibrated and everything else optimised you need to get a feel for how everything works together. I recommend doing soft proofs but as you get to know your materials and equipment the whole process will become routine and easy. In the end the initial effort will save you time, and money too.

I really recommend downloading the PDF described here.

By the way, I still love C-type prints and Ilfochromes are unique. Yes, inkjet printing is superb, sharp and can last a long time but chemical prints have got a different quality to them and in many ways I still prefer them.

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