Saturday, July 02, 2005

Top tips for photographing events

Here are some of my tips for photographing people at evening events like balls, parties and gatherings.

Top tips are:
  • Make sure all your equipment is in perfect order
  • Take a backup camera if you can
  • Test your flash beforehand and do a few shots in similar lighting conditions to check that all the settings are right.
  • Remember if you're shooting digitally and relying on flash to set the white balance for flash/daylight not auto
  • When photographing get people's attention and get them to look at the lense. Be assertive. Don't be afraid to ask them to pose for more than one shot but remember you also can't keep them hanging on waiting for you.
  • Get everything set, then go in and take the shot as quickly as you can, 30 seconds per shot.
  • Try some innovative angles. Stand on a chair or shoot down from a stage or whatever is available
  • It is really important to watch your backgrounds. Keep them clean. Avoid light sources in the background that can be distracting
  • Have fun. If you look like you're relaxed and enjoying yourself it will put your subjects at ease.
  • Use a high enough aperture to ensure that people in the foreground of the group are as sharp as those at the back - typically f8, but depends on the focal length of your lense.
I hope the above helps. If you can think of something else that should be added, please email me by clicking on my name (mailto link). Thanks.

Paul Indigo
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