Thursday, March 27, 2008

Creative insights

For many years I have admired Victor Habbick's creative genius. He combines tremendous skill in photography, the digital darkroom and graphic design to come up with extraordinary images.

Victor has finally given in to the constant requests for information about how he achieves his images and decided to share his wisdom in a book, CD and as a download which you can buy here.

He describes his book on his website:

"The first collection of work by Artist and Photographer Victor Habbick, including chapters covering the first 10 years as a conceptual stock artist for The Science Photo Library. Candid biography of his early years and articles providing a fascinating and insightful look into the creative processes involved in the creation of his art and photography. Featuring a cornucopia of ideas and styles, science, technology, space, the human condition, fantasy, wildlife and so much more. Includes articles dealing with presentation and typography and a large selection of before and after shots giving the viewer a chance at last to see the raw imagery that goes into many of his most popular pieces. Foreword by Dr. Gary Evans, Manager of Scientific Relations at The Science Photo Library, London."

I can highly recommend a visit to Victor's website. He's an inspiration to many photographers and I'm fortunate enough to count him as a friend too.

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