Thursday, August 16, 2007

The joys of wedding photography

These two little bridesmaids decided they'd had enough of being photographed.

The family watched, highly amused as I battled to get these two little devils to pose. I got the shot later after giving it a few minutes break.

I don't do weddings anymore, mostly corporate and advertising work now, but this wedding could not be refused.

The reportage went brilliantly, the couple are thrilled, and they want this shot too. I find that people often like the off-beat moments. The days of the stiff formal, traditional wedding shoot seem far away, certainly in my neck of the woods. People want photography that reflects real life and has emotion. So although at the time it may seem a challenge that the child bridesmaids don't want to be photographed it is in fact a great opportunity to make a shot that's a bit different.

The picture sums up my attitude to photography and life. Every hurdle and challenge is in fact a great opportunity to make something special. The best stuff in life usually happens when we're well out of our comfort zone.

Ah the joys of wedding photography.

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