Monday, December 25, 2006

Camera equipment buying frenzy

Around this time of year a lot of camera equipment gets bought and many a photographer will find something with a lens on it under the Christmas tree.

Everyone evaluates what they've got and what they need. I saw a forum thread in which a budding freelance photographer asked which camera outfit he should get for weddings and portraits. He also complained about the expense of camera gear. I wrote a reply and thought it might be a nice idea to share it with you as well, in case you're also struggling to balance wish lists and budgets.

Don't get hung up on equipment, is my advice. If you're selling portraits and wedding photography then the only thing that counts is your client's opinion of your work. They don't care which camera you use whether it's an old Rolleiflex TLR, a Holga or the latest DSLR. By the way I know photographers that specialise in using the above three cameras, almost exclusively and are very successful.

I used Nikon for 20 years and have now switched to Canon. Magda Indigo has stuck to Nikon. We use film and digital. Our clients love the results and don't remark on any differences. I've shot many portraits, weddings and commercial assignments using a Nikon D70. Ultimately it's the quality of the photography rather than the equipment that counts.

By the way I switched to Canon because I wanted to work with full frame DSLR (love wide angel) and I do shoot billboards, so I needed bigger files. Wedding and portrait client's don't need such large file sizes.

Save your money. Concentrate on your photography and developing a style that fits with your equipment or if you do have a very clear vision of what you want your style to be then acquire camera gear that is suitable. But for heavens sake don't just rush out and buy the latest thing that the marketers are pushing.

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