Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why I chose the EOS 5D

Apologies to all my faithful readers for the longish silence. I will catch up soon with some new articles. Been working my socks off. And to keep me company on my journeys I've just bought the Canon EOS 5D.

After more than 20 years working with Nikon, and owning a set of top quality lenses, why did I make the switch? Firstly let me just once again say that I think the whole brand thing plays into the hands of the marketers. Being a marketer myself I know how it works and despite the awareness of how we get manipulated into thinking that a brand name can add a certain quality to an object, I must say that the switch to Canon seemed like a bit of a betrayal.

But the practical reasons were overwhelming. I originally had my eye on the obvious choice, a D200, but I've not even seen one in the shops. Nikon really messed up by not making them available ie producing enough. Waiting lists everywhere. If it had not been for the waiting lists I probably would have strolled into a shop months ago and walked out with a D200. But I'm not one to buy something without first having it in my hands.

Then there was the research. After extensive investigation it was clear the Canon 5D has the edge when it comes to resolution and capturing the finest detail. It produces huge files which are accepted by the Getty stock library, the only digital SLR that is officially recognised besides Canon's top professional full frame DSLR. Then there's the 5D's wonderful big viewfinder and the pleasure of using true wide-angle lenses, without having to deal with crop factors.

At the end of the day the EOS 5D is the ideal camera for me. I hate lugging weight around so again the 5D is a better choice for me than the Canon 1DsMKII.

So there you have it. I am absolutely delighted with the results so far and will be uploading some images on the various sites where I publish my work.

I'll write a more generally informative article this weekend.

Till then...

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