Sunday, April 23, 2006

Advice on the basics for photographers #1

Today I saw a picture of a number of enthusiastic amateur photographers all holding their cameras taking a photograph.

Although many of them have been taking photographs for several years I was surprised to see about half of them were holding their cameras incorrectly. I was baffled, finding it quite unbelievable that so many photographers don't know simple basics.

So I've decided to do a few articles covering some of the basics.

Number 1

Support your camera with your left hand, palm upwards, under the body of the camera or lens. The right hand grips the body of the camera with your finger ready to release the shutter.

Whether you're shooting portrait or landscape formats always support the camera body with your left hand underneath it.

The biggest enemy of sharpness is camera shake, so supporting your camera properly will help you get sharper images.

Hope this helps.

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