Friday, September 16, 2016

Photographs that last

Some images earn a permanent place in your portfolio. Let's take a look at one of my favourites.

In this image a couple react as a large wave crashes over the promenade. People often play this game with the waves. Sometimes with tragic consequences.

I shot this on a Hasselblad, on film, using an 80mm lens. So I was close to the action. One chance. One exposure. I pressed the shutter button and just had time to spin around to protect the camera with my body, as the spray engulfed us.

I had been waiting for a moment like this when all the elements would come together.

The spray blurs because of the speed of movement. It reveals the force of the wave. Both the man and woman have a foot off the ground, giving the image a sense of urgency and action. I love the way the dog's ear is flying up and this movement is echoed by the lady's urgent hand gesture.

That hand gesture is the essence of the image. It's an instant protective gesture, which says so much about the sense of immediate danger.

There's so much detail here. The reflections in the wet paving, the black dog with a catchlight in her eye. Layers and layers of rich detail all coming together to tell the story. I think that's what good photography is about.

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