Sunday, February 16, 2014

Photographs that connect with the viewer

What does in take to produce images that connect with the viewer on a deeper level. There are plenty of technically good photographs and we look at them and say, "Yes, that's nice." But to produce an image that stops the viewer in their tracks and really makes them look and ask questions is a much greater challenge.

One of my favourite photographers, Joe McNally, interviewed by Scott Kelby for The Grid, shares his insights, knowledge and experience gained over many years working for magazines including Life and National Geographic.

I found this interview really interesting because it addresses key issues about understanding your subjects, building a relationship with them and focusing on telling the story. Too many photographers are obsessed with the technical aspects. Digital makes it easy to walk in, get some superficially attractive images and walk out again, missing the essence of the subject.

Without further ado, over to Joe and Scott in one of the best interviews I've seen with a photographer in a really long while.


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