Monday, May 09, 2011

Importance of relationships in photography

Natural woman - the real Kim.
Most photography courses concentrate on technique and equipment. Few emphasise the most important ingredient for making a good portrait; the relationship you build with the people you photograph. Once that connection is made and you've collaborated artistically it can create a link for life.

By chance we recently bumped into Kim. Many years ago we worked with her as a model and we did a number of shoots together including a high fashion look advert - glossy lipstick, hats, gloves - the works. 

Photographers are always moving on, meeting new people, flitting from one job to another like busy bees buzzing from flower to flower, as my wife, professional photographer, Magda Indigo often says.

After so many years it was great to see Kim  again and for old times sake I shot a few quick portraits in the street. Wonderful to re-establish contact.

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