Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Light and time - the essence of photography

I had no idea when I was making this portrait, that Mrs M only had eight days to live before she passed peacefully at the retirement home.

She had a full life and was one of the pioneering Belgian woman photographers, specialising in social photography. She used a large format, bellows camera. While I made the portrait we chatted happily about the changes in photography.

Her hair was in slight disarray but she would not let her son touch it, leaving the sea breeze to play with the strands. That's how she was.

At the moment I took the image she was staring out to sea, seeming to look past her mortal existence.

When I look at this image and think of that sunny afternoon it touches me. I hope it moves you too.

Photography is all about light and time - that particular, never-to-return moment we freeze forever in a picture of light that becomes an 'aide-mémoire'.
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