Monday, September 28, 2009

Most interesting articles on photography

Sunflowers in the wind.

Autumn is here in the Northern hemisphere and the days are getting shorter. Time to catch up on some reading. To help you discover something of interest I've compiled a list of some of my most popular articles that get read every day. Maybe there'll be something here that you find helpful or interesting.

Photographer's need people skills

The standard lens

Practical tips and basic dos and don’ts of camera gear

The difference between digitally manipulated portraits and traditional portraiture

There are two types of photographers

Is professional photography still a viable career?

Don't use your camera on manual settings

Linux photography

What is copyright in photography?

Overcoming creative block and self doubt

Has the internet affected our appreciation of photographs?

Beware of wide-angle distortion in portrait photography

Do you speak light?

Indigo2 website revamped

That's all for now.

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