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Most interesting articles on photography

Indigo2 website revamped

Honfleur, France.

Finally had some spare time and got round to revamping our website, updated our bios, added new galleries, pruned the links page and added a page listing some of our clients.

I would welcome your feedback which can be sent using the contact form on our site.

Till soon,


Practical tips and basic dos and don’ts of camera gear

I meet a lot of photographers and often the same questions come up so I decided to write this little guide of practical wisdom gleaned over many years as a photographer.

Always make sure your camera is set to standard settings at the start of a shoot. I call this zeroing my camera. For me that means IS0 100; AWB; single shot; centre autofocus point; F4; Aperture Priority; matrix metering; RAW etc. When I arrive for a shoot my camera is always set up in the same way, and batteries are fully charged and memory cards formatted. From the standard setting I then set the camera up to suit the particular requirements of the photo shoot.

Always keep a UV or skylight filter on your lens. Replacing a scratched filter is a lot cheaper than replacing a lens Leave the lens cap off when you’re at a shoot. Putting it on and taking it off will just slow you down, causing you to miss shot Use a lens hood. Lens flare seriously reduces image quality. Only take the hood off when storing the camera b…