Sunday, December 07, 2008

The raconteur

Willem Vermandere telling it like it is during a solo concert in Flanders, Belgium.

Willem Vermandere is a great raconteur, able to tell a story so that you hang on his every word. Take an everyday experience, add a keen mind, sharp perception, insight into human nature, wit and a deep harmonious voice and you've got Willem keeping his audience enraptured.

Willem Vermandere is one of the most influential and well respected modern Belgian artists. He refuses to be pigeonholed as one or other 'type' of artist. His sculptures are in private collections and galleries, his folk music concerts are invariably sold out, his latest book of poetry is on the bookshelves and his paintings and drawings adorn the walls of public and private spaces across Belgium and beyond.

Willem lives in a small Flemish village, a humble man and a wonderful friend who enriches the lives of everyone around him.

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