Thursday, November 15, 2007

Design in photography #3

A canal near Damme, in Belgium, provides the perfect landscape to create a strong design statement in photography.

I've written two articles on using design in photography, here and here, and I said I would be adding to the series. Unfortunately I never got round to writing more but I hope this image illustrates several of the points I made in the earlier articles.

There's a rather strange phenomenon that happens. I look back at what I've written some time ago and somehow it seems fresh and I discover things that I'd not thought about for a while. This is exactly what happened when I re-read my articles on design in photography this evening.

As the readership of this blog keeps growing, at a quite phenomenal rate, I'm sure that some of you will not have read these articles and hopefully you will discover something of value in them that can be applied to your own photography.

So in the best tradition of TV re-runs here they are once again:
Design in photography 1
Design in photography 2

By the way you can catch up with some of my other new work on my Flickr account.

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