Monday, November 05, 2007

A day in the life of a portrait photographer

This couple came to our studio for a portrait and I just knew something special was going to happen.

She was very bossy. If you've ever seen the English TV sitcom Hyacinth Bucket, well that's exactly how she was. The real Hyacinth. Everything had to be the best and most expensive.

Eventually she fell under the spell of my irresistible wit and cracked up with laughter, and I got my shot. Actually come to think of it it was probably Magda's wit as I tend to go fairly quiet during photo-shoots.

Her dress was very expensive but didn't quite fit, which she was really annoyed about. So Magda used washing pegs on the back of the dress to make it fit, an old fashion photographers' trick.

Oh by the way the flower thing was 'Hyacinth's' idea. Credit where credit is due...

Hope the image makes you smile.

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