Friday, May 04, 2007

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This is the Chesil Speedster which is inspired by the classic 1956 Porsche 356. I photographed it in Padstow, Cornwall.

I'd like to welcome my new readers. I've been writing this blog since March 2005 and am humbled by the interest shown from the four corners of the globe. So far I've written 208 articles. Not bad.

Please visit the archive page which has a comprehensive list of articles up to the end of April 2007. It may sound strange but even though I wrote them all when I browse back I discover things of interest which I'd not thought of for a long time. And I think, did I really write that? I always see room for improvement too.

One of the joys of writing is that you can put down arguments and analyse complex issues in a way that leads to discovering new ideas. Every article is a bit of journey and I rarely know the full story until I've written it. And when I read those articles years later I rediscover things that have slipped away into the subconscious.

Enough naval gazing. I sincerely hope you discover something of interest in my archives. Please feel free to let me know what your favourite articles are.

Till next week,

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