Thursday, May 31, 2007


Every once in a while someone expresses what they feel about your work as a professional photographer. For me the greatest joy is when a client is really happy. Today I received an email from a client, Hayley, who wanted the say thanks to my wife Magda (also a professional photographer) and me, and she wanted to provide a testimonial we could use on our website.

"A wedding day is an important day, and as a bride and groom you want everything to be exactly right. The last thing you want to be doing in the midst of all the excitement is trying to manage a photographer, and worrying that your photos aren't going to be exactly what you want. Luckily for us, our choice of photographer meant this was one less job to worry about and although hundreds of wonderful shots were taken I can honestly say that most of the time I forgot Paul and Magda were even there. In fact, when we showed our album to our friends and family they were amazed to see themselves in a lot of the lovely snaps we had picked and couldn't believe the picture had been taken without them noticing. As a result, we had a great selection of natural, non-posed snaps. However, no request was too much and all our 'obligatory' snaps, despite the long list, were covered without fail."

"We would also really recommend taking the option to purchase the disc afterwards. It is only too difficult to pick the snaps for your album from such a huge selection, having the rights to your photos mean you can create wonderful, thoughtful gifts for family afterwards. I don't know of any other photographers who do this, but it is really worth the small amount of extra cash. We were amazed about how good value the service was and the hours that both Magda and Paul put in were phenomenal - they literally captured every moment from the struggle into the dress to the (rather late in the evening) first dance. I now have a wonderful memento of the day which brings back all the memories whenever I open and I would recommend Paul and Magda to any couple who want brilliant photos and photographers who know what you want from a photo before you do."
- Hayley and Damian

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