Wednesday, May 24, 2006

News snippets #1

Spent the weekend and monday in Dublin. Really enjoyed it despite the pouring rain on sunday. Anyway, I'm painfully aware of being a bit behind in posting, so here are a few news snippets.

What Digital Camera Magazine has just published a comparison test between the Fuji S3 Pro, the Nikon D200 and the Canon 30D. The D200 came out tops as the tester's choice because of it's superior build quality, handling and superb image quality (although the camera performs best producing images from RAW rather than JPEG). The Fuji S3 still has the biggest dynamic range and best ability to deal with high contrast but is painfully slow. The 30D performed well in all areas but could not match the D200. In fact there's not much in it between the three cameras. Each one is a superb mid-range DSLR capable of delivering outstanding images. Testers are having to become increasingly picky when trying to differentiate between cameras because there's so little difference in quality.

So whatever you have, be happy and concentrate on making better images.

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