Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I like what I see

I got a comment today on one of my images along the lines of "I like what I see but I don't know anything about the technical stuff." How refreshing. All I've ever wanted to do was take pictures which people like.

I don't want to be admired for my technical expertise. To me that's all background stuff. You can take any work, apologies for the comparison here, but say you take a poem and tear it apart, analyse every word, every verse - surely that's not the way to appreciate it. I find you can't really be open to enjoying something if you're deconstructing it and analysing everything at the same time.

Like a poem an image needs to be experienced and enjoyed as a whole. Afterwards you can consider the technique but it is surely not the most important thing.

Yep, all I want is for people to enjoy what I do and get something out of it for themselves. I suppose a good image is like a bit of magic. You don't have to know exactly how it was done to appreciate it and get pleasure from the experience of looking at it.

All the best,

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