Wednesday, October 26, 2005

On-screen frames

I just wanted to say how much I hate on-screen frames that are totally over-the-top. So many people upload their photographs and then put elaborate frames around them as if this will improve a thoroughly mediocre image.

If the picture is poor, or even if it is good, here's plea from the heart. Please don't put elaborate frames and effects around it. They invariably detract from rather than enhance an image.

You don't believe me. Well take a look at just about any top professional photographer's website. What do you see? Maybe a discreet border, perhaps an edge that looks photographic like the negative of a film but not three deep layers of drop shadowed, semi transparent, selectively coloured, embossed mounts!

As always my message is... concetrate on producing good images and then enhancing what's there through Photoshop.

All the best,

Paul Indigo