Sunday, August 14, 2005

Urban guerilla photography

There's something tremendously liberating about prowling the urban 'scape looking for subjects that show our environment in a fresh way. It's a voyage of discovery. Everything has meaning. The city environment is determined almost totally by its function, in contrast to the raw natural landscape which is shaped by the elements.

Everything has a purpose in the city. Some of it we discard and other parts we treasure and protect. There are images everywhere based on strange juxtapositions, vibrant colour, interesting shapes and so much more.

I'm overwhelmed by the wealth of material. All it takes is an eye for such things and the technical ability to capture the image.

Most of my stuff is pretty straight but the image below was manipulated. Some people like it. Others are less keen. From a photographic point of view I think manipulation can work if it helps to free up something from within an image and evoke an emotion.

What do you think?

Paul Indigo

Urban guerilla photography. Overhead structure and lines on railway station in Leeds.
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