Friday, June 10, 2005

Sensor cleaning

The problem all digital slr owners face is how to keep that darn dust off your sensor. Unless you have an obsession with using Photoshop's healing brush you'll want to minimise the phenomenon of dust bunnies on your pictures.

Here are a few worthwhile websites which provide information on cleaning your camera's sensor. And in the great tradition of covering one's backside, I'll have to add the usual clause: I do not officially endorse any of these methods. The links in this blog are purely for your information. What you do with that information is up to you and I certainly can't take responsibility for your sensor cleaning practises. Backside covered - read on...

Rob Galbraith - Sensor Brush - Visible Dust's Sensor Brush and Chamber Clean
Petteri's Pontification - The Pixel Sweeper - CCD / CMOS Cleaning (Copperhill Method)
The Luminous Landscape - Visible Dust Review
The Luminous Landscape - Understanding Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning
Ultimate SLR - How to clean your Digital Image Sensor - this is really good
Does "Visible Dust" cleaning system really work ?

And here's some new news (May 2005). Many photographers think that the Sensor Brush is too expensive.
Nicholas R. of the Copper Hill cleaning method fame is now offering a much cheaper brush for cleaning your sensor. Follow this link to find out more.

Good luck. As always your feedback is welcome. How do you clean your digital camera's sensor?

Paul Indigo

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