Sunday, July 05, 2015

An artist's passion

Technique can be learnt but there are two other vital ingredients in an artist's makeup that you're born with, one of which is easily lost along long hard road of life.
Flemish artist Willem Vermandere
Creativity is something we all have in us. Some people are born more creative than others. There's a range but how creative we actually are depends on the third ingredient and that's passion.

Without passion there is no drive, no new work, we become stale, copying our past successes with nothing fresh to show.

I'm fortunate enough to know two living artists with real passion; Willem Vermandere and Magda Indigo. Both are absolutely driven to create new work every minute of every day. Naturally they do the things we all do, going to a restaurant, shopping and so on but all the time you know that what they really want to be doing is creating new work. They have a grand obsession in their lives.

On the other side of coin you have artists who get off to flying start, producing new and exciting things and then somewhere along the way they lose their passion. They live off past successes and end up producing poor copies of what originally made them great.

So do you have a passion for your art, your photography, or are you coasting along?

Passion is the difference between 'it's good enough' complacency and striving for new brilliance that pushes the boundaries.

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