Friday, May 10, 2013

Ethics in street photography

Stopped to chat to a lovely elderly lady enjoying the sun and watching people pass by her bench.

She kept asking me whether my picture would appear in the local paper, the Zeewacht, although I had explained that I did not work for the paper.

As I said goodbye and left, I heard her say to her bench friends in Flemish that maybe the picture would still appear in the Zeewacht.

Next time I am Oostende I will look out for her and give her a copy of the picture. One thing my wife and fellow professional photographer, Magda, and I do is often go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we keep our word, and when people have asked for a photograph, make sure they get it. It's the least one can do. We've met a number of people on our photo-travels who say they have been promised a picture by a photographer and never received it.

That's sad and makes it just a bit harder for the next photographer to build a relationship. Basically, if you don't intend to do something then don't promise it.

Till soon,
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