Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Mad Brewers

The happy brewer
As promised in my previous post, Appreciating Photographs, I am going to try to offer an insight into why I think an image 'works'.

The photograph above is from my latest photo story on the Mad Brewers of Belgium (De Dolle Brouwers). You can read the actual story on my website and see a large slide show with the rest of the images.

The brewer, Kris Herteleer, looks happily on at the latest batch of beer cooling in the large copper basin. Steam rises from the hot beer creating atmosphere. The brewery machinery is visible in the background. For me the way he is holding the edge of the basin, leaning forward and especially that happy smile says it all. The image stands on its own but when seen in the context of the full photo-story it gets an added dimension. It is also a very important image to the story as it show's Kris' sense of accomplishment. 

De Dolle Brouwers have to work hard to make a success of their small traditional brewery in a very competitive market. Luckily people still appreciate the quality that can only be achieved by experts like Kris dedicated to the art of traditional brewing.

To see a larger version please go here (and for the full story).

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