Sunday, March 13, 2011

Street photography body language

Man with cap

This gentleman stopped to pose for me with his colourful cap at a jaunty angle.

There are two approaches to street photography. You can stop people and ask them or you can document life as it happens in front of you - sometimes shooting from the hip. I do both.

When you ask people it's important to quickly building rapport with your subject. Most of that is done through body language, expression and gestures - not words. It's a subtle art and absolutely essential to getting the most out of the few shared moments on the street.

When people stop to pose they are giving you a tremendous gift - their time, their humanity and the opportunity to make art.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

New blog launched

Music, smoke, bag and boots
I have launched a new blog called Street Fashions. I hope you will pop over, take a look and follow me there using the Google widget, which is a great little tool. You can find out more about what I aim to do in the first article, Getting Started

Street Fashions is my street photography blog celebrating people who express their individuality through their own sense of fashion. Hope you enjoy the photography. Please feel free to comment.

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Making remarkable photographs

Vincent shows a scale model of Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machine which he is working on. The model is as Da Vinci described with intricate joints, pulleys and wires designed to help the 'pilot' move the wings and tail to mimic  a bird's movements in flight. Click on the image for a larger view.

Every photographer that has made remarkable work has used exactly the same three basic tools: light, a camera and their brain.

Remarkable photography has been produced by people using everything from shoebox pinhole cameras to toy cameras, to technical view cameras, through to the latest sophisticated digital cameras. Not having the latest lens or camera is no barrier to producing remarkable work.

Remarkable photography has been produced by photographers with very little time to spend on their photography, on weekends, evenings, during holidays or while engaged in other work. Being busy with lots of things is no barrier.

Remarkable photography has been produced by amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals. Labels don't mean anything.

Remarkable photography has been produced by photographers with very little money in all sorts of circumstances, in slums, living under oppressive regimes, anywhere and everywhere. Where you are and how much you earn is no barrier.

Given that light is everywhere and you can use any form of camera to produce remarkable work then the only barrier between you and making better images is what happens in your brain, your creativity and your drive to make meaningful images.

So there are no real barriers, no obstacles, no excuses. Scary right?

Till soon,

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