Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag yourself

What tags would apply to you as a photographer? It's a fascinating question. In a sense the tags are your photographic DNA, or in marketing speak your brand.

People who know how diverse my work is may wonder what tags would apply to me as a photographer. I wonder too. Different editors and art directors will no doubt have their individual set of tags depending on what they use my work for and how they perceive it. I don't think that I can be easily pigeon holed. But maybe I'm missing something.

There's a very interesting article on one of my favourite blogs which you should read if you're interested in how photographers are perceived by photo editors.

I've had a go at picking my own tags:
  • color
  • black & white
  • digital
  • available light
  • location
  • portrait
  • photojournalist
  • fine art
  • captured moment
  • quirky
  • real people
I'm curious to know how you would tag my photographic work. Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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